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How NOT to Import From China - International Shipping 101 rating

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Alex Topor

I’m an expert international trader with over 10 years of import & export experience. I also have experience in the world of international commerce, logistics, customs clearance, HS coding and drop shipping. With all this knowledge combined, you’ll become an unstoppable force in this industry!

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1 Course to Skyrocket Your Profits & Growth!

In this course, I’ll uncover all my secrets to success in international shipping. “How NOT To Import from China” looks at more than just the basics. Together, we’ll cover the infrastructure of this enormous industry and I’ll guide you through the backdoors and alleys of the IM/EX business.

So are you ready to jump aboard? Aye, Aye, Matey! Prepare to learn how you can import from anywhere in the world from literally anywhere in the world – including your couch!

Grab this course now to access my insider knowledge and experience. So you can create your own business that can make you thousands of dollars in profits from the very first shipment.

Who is this course for?

This incredible course is for anyone looking to enter the world of import & export. Whether you’re:

● a student with an entrepreneurial mindset
● a shipping professional wanting to increase profits and grow
● a Drop shipper or Amazon FBA’r looking to reduce shipping costs
● Or a procurement or shipping employee wishing to increase knowledge
This is the course for you. It’ll help you learn and apply international shipping techniques to maximize your returns.

Want to get started in international shipping, but not sure where to start?

Are you fed up with all the inadequate courses that teach nothing but how to find products to sell on Amazon?

Want a useful course that dives deep into the details of the actual shipping process?

“How NOT To Import from China” is the course for you!

Here's exactly what you'll learn

Get the Basics in Place

Equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge you need in this space. Learn about incoterms, Measuring Units, Money Conversions, Trading Documents, H.S.Codes, and more.

Master the process

Identify the key stages in the shipping process.Get valuable tips for every stage from an instructor who has done this for more than a decade!

Air or Ocean?

Understand key features of air and ocean shipping. Differentiate between these two modes through a sample comparison sheet.

Get to the next level

Explore third-party shipping, Free Trade Agreements (FTA), insurance, intellectual property(IP), and patents, Find a bank that’s suitable for you.

Track Like a Pro

Find out how to track your shipment. Identify what to do when you cargo finally arrives.

Get Tips on Legalities

Imports can be a tricky business, especially with complex laws. Ensure you don’t waste time on unviable products with tips from an experienced instructor.

Get Beyond Amazon

Reject the superficial. Dig deep into everything about international shipping, Amazon will be child’s play.

Increase Your Margins

Get the best shipping rates and save a big chunk of money from the total cost of your products.


Enjoy a rich repository of tools, documents, and guides that will give you everything you need as you take your next steps.

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Avoid expensive mistakes. apply the techniques you learn here to import any product, get the best shipping rates, and take your business to the next level.